Student Team

Oliver Hubbard

Computer Design and Video Team

B. Mechatronic Engineering (Space) and Science (Biology)

Lover of plants and space, but fascinated by almost everything.

Donna Win

Website and Video Team

B. Biomedical Engineering (IT major)

Wants to make the impossible possible. Loves icecream and snowboarding double blacks.

Eloisa Perez Bennetts

Simulations and Computer Design Team

B. Advanced Science (Physics)

Constantly curious about how things work and basically lives in the library. Never sleeps.

Andreas Orsmond

Lab Team Leader

B. Advanced Science and Doctor of Medicine

Loves Biochemistry and sleep.

Kavya Mathur

Computer Design and Lab Team

B. Biomedical Engineering and Medical Science

Fascinated by all things medical, musical and artistic.

Anh Tu Lam

Lab and Video Team

B. Biomedical Engineering and Medical Science

Passionate for science and design, but occasionally gets spooked by numbers.


Minh Tri Luu

PhD candidate

Minh currently pursues his PhD in the field of DNA nanotechnology. His research direction focuses on the utilisation of RF radiation to trigger structural changes of DNA origami devices.

School of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
School of Chemistry
Sydney Nano

Natalie Surace

B. Biomedical Engineering and Medical Science

4th Year

Enthusiastic about using innovative technology to design and build DNA nanobots. Professional tea drinker.

Jasleen Kaur Daljit Singh

PhD candidate

Jasleen is a PhD candidate working on the targeted delivery of DNA nanostructures into cancer cells for gene silencing. She has a keen interest in the self-assembly of functional DNA nanostructures and the use of super resolution microscopy for intracellular imaging. Outside of her PhD, she enjoys running, doing yoga and painting.

School of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
School of Chemistry
Sydney Nano


Dr. Shelley Wickham

DECRA, Westpac Research Fellow, and Lecturer in the Schools of Chemistry and Physics at the University of Sydney

Her research interests are in the self-assembly of matter on the nanoscale, and in particular in the design and assembly of programmable nanostructures out of DNA, with applications in cell biology, materials science and nanomedicine.

School of Chemistry
School of Physics
Sydney Nano

Dr. Anna Waterhouse

Group Leader, Cardiovascular Medical Devices

Anna Waterhouse is a bioengineer. She runs a research lab focused on biological interaction with materials, specifically, the ones that contact the blood and cause blood clots, as well as how materials cause bacterial biofilm. As part of the Heart Research Institute, she advocates for raising awareness of a healthy lifestyle to prevent cardiovascular disease and promotes multidisciplinary, collaborative research to solve global scientific issues.

Charles Perkins Centre
Central Clinical School
Faculty of Medicine and Health and Heart Research institute
Sydney Nano

Dr. Alice Williamson

Lecturer in Chemical Education and Outreach

Alice Williamson is an interdisciplinary researcher, lecturer and science communicator. Alice's research focuses on developing ways to communicate science more effectively to diverse audiences and finding ways for citizens to participate in scientific research. Alice is a practicing open scientist, who believes that research is more effective when data is shared transparently. Alice talks about science each week on Up and Atom on FBi Radio, is a co-creator of the ABC Science podcast Dear Science and one of the inaugural ABC Top 5 Under 40.

School of Chemistry
Sydney Nano

Dr. Yu Heng Lau

Lecturer, Group Leader in Chemical and Synthetic Biology

Yu Heng is a research lies at the interface of synthetic chemistry, synthetic biology and bioengineering. His work takes inspiration from macro-molecules found in nature, harnessing the power of bio-compatible chemistry to create new medicines, advanced materials and catalysts.

School of Chemistry
Sydney Nano

Our journey to BIOMOD was a long one, so we thought, why not tick off more things on the bucket list? And so, we accomplished some other things along the way

Student Innovation Challenge Runner Up

We signed up for the student innovation challenge held at the University of Sydney where we got to show off our design to a panel and the public! It was great fun getting to see all the exciting innovations occurring around our uni and gave us much needed practice for the BIOMOD presentations. We were so close take the first prize and ended up as the Runner Up! At least it's a win for our first try and we ended the night with some delicious tapas.

SUABE x FilterPhytes High Tea

To show off our project to the public, we also collaborated with the Sydney University Association of Biomedical Engineers and the School of Biomedical Engineering. With our joint efforts, we whipped up a fun and exciting event where students can both de-stress and learn a little bit about DNA origami! Just doing our part to get more people interested in this great opportunity.